Jetter is a painless injection device designed for pediatric patients, designed to provide a painless and anxiety free experience with shots.


NUvention: Medical, Northwestern University

MS Engineering Design Innovation, Fall 2017 - Winter 2018


What's the problem?

Out of 80 million pediatric population in the U.S, approximately 66% suffer from needle phobia. Children go through many vaccination procedures during their early childhood which requires multiple experiences with needles.

The fear of needles that most of these children develop not only provides discomfort to the child, but also brings hardship to the parent handling the child who is resisting the procedure. This also affects the overall efficiency of the hospital workflow dealing with children's unpleasant experience. 



what is out there?

Our research showed that the worst part of the injection experience for the pediatric patients is not the pain of the needle as many would think. Many children have expressed their fear from the anticipation of seeing the exposed needle coming to contact as the worst part of the experience.

While there are products in the market that hides the syringe, the designs are not kid-friendly and requires a good amount of steps for the injection process. Buzzy, which is one of the competitive products, satisfy the kid-friendly design with the pain mitigation using vibration and cold, but need to be removed from surface of the body before injection can take place. Children are still exposed to the syringe and needle while using Buzzy, preventing the Buzzy from adequately solving the problem of anxiety for the patients. 

jetter scope.png

Jetter DEsign


Jetter is a kid-friendly device with a pain mitigation module. With a one-press button mechanism, the syringe inside the device will push into the skin and automatically inject the prescribed medicine. After injection, the syringe will automatically retract so the needle is never exposed to the patient's sight during the injection process. Jetter is designed to be adaptable to any type of syringe in regards to size and dosage amounts. Syringes can be easily inserted and taken out from the body frame that opens vertically.   


what's next?

Jetter is currently in the design and prototyping process. Once a work-alike prototype is built, we will go through testing for pain mitigation and the injection mechanism. We will conduct constant iterations of stakeholder interviews for feedback during Jetter's development process. 


personal contribution



  • Shadowed various medical departments (radiology, cardiovascular surgery, pediatrics) to observe and identify white space for our design


  • Brainstorm the basic concept of Jetter (functionality and aesthetics)

  • 3D print Jetter frame for a look-alike prototype


  • Patent search for competitive products and mechanism patents

  • Market opportunities

Stakeholder Interview

  • Interview stakeholders including doctors, parents, and children

  • Debrief and form insights with teammates

Product Design

  • Brainstorm and design various mechanisms for Jetter

  • CAD Jetter parts for 3D printing


Mock-up Presentation

Mock-up Presentation

Concept Model

Concept Model


TEam TAJJAN (Creators of Jetter)

Left to Right :  Akanksha Arya  (NU Business),  Anna Choi  (NU Law),  Joshua Kim  (NU Engineering),  Jasmine Kim  (NU Engineering),  Nish Rastogi  (NU Business),  Tiffany Wen  (NU Medical)

Left to Right : Akanksha Arya (NU Business), Anna Choi (NU Law), Joshua Kim (NU Engineering), Jasmine Kim (NU Engineering), Nish Rastogi (NU Business), Tiffany Wen (NU Medical)