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UX Research and Strategy Intern at AT&T

Work with AT&T to understand the current content viewing experience and strategize ways to improve user engagement within that experience.

AT&T Mobility and Entertainment, El Segundo, CA

Jun 2018 - Sept 2018



As part of the AT&T’s Experience Design Studio (XDS), I had the opportunity to work closely with the research team and the strategy team on two main projects and a short-term personal project. This summer internship experience helped me improve and build upon my research skills, showing me how design strategy impacts the product directions going forward.


Persona Comparison (Project 1)

Compared AT&T XDS Personas to TDG’s (The Discussion Group) ‘First Glance’ TV Viewing Segmentation market research to understand similarities and differences between the two studies. For this project, I relied on quantitative data comparison skills to identify both demographic and viewing behavior components that are relevant to different personas. This study helped the XDS team discover new insights regarding external research studies, and provided directions and improvements to our own original personas.


Remeasure and Learn (project 2)

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Through diary studies and in-home visits, the research team wanted to understand the user experience around habitual routines, pain points, competitor reflection, and delightful moments. This project had both quantitative and qualitative research that ran in parallel to fully explore the user experience. Our team was able to successfully deliver well formed insights and future directions for research and design . My tasks focused on synthesizing the qualitative research with the team to present interesting, actionable, and valuable insights to the stakeholder. Merging quantitative and qualitative findings was a challenge, but ultimately brought a rich and compelling story to the research team and the XDS as a whole.


GAMIFICATION (project 3)

Many products and services are leaning towards using gamification to increase user engagement and long-term profit. While some products succeed to use gamification, many tend to fail. In order to fully understand and strategize around the concept of gamification, I was placed on a team with a design strategist and a product strategist. We were able to create a gamification user guideline for stakeholders to better understand what gamification is, whether it can be used for their products, and how to best be implemented. The guideline, written in 8 weeks, includes various frameworks that can be used throughout the design process for product owners, designers, and researchers. It also includes a ‘Cookbook’ that lists all the elements of gamification and the best ways to combine them for use.


Personal Contribution for gamification

  • Secondary Research

    Gathered information around vocabulary, definitions, and used cases of gamification. Looked into success and failure cases and created insights that shaped the direction of the strategy going forward. The insights and frameworks became the baseline that helped various stakeholders clearly understand gamification and its use.

  • Cookbook

    Created a summary of all elements of gamification to be used as a guideline when stakeholders are referring back to definition and examples. This list includes best element combination to guide them in the right design direction. The Cookbook has summaries of the success and failure cases from secondary research that stakeholders can refer to as examples on how various elements were combined for different products.


Key takeaway

Through this summer internship at AT&T, I was able to interact with various design teams to understand how collaboration works within Experience Design Studio (XDS). I was privileged to meet great mentors who gave me opportunities to explore my full potential as a designer and grow as a ux researcher and strategist. This experience has validated my passion for UX research/strategy and prepared myself to be confident stepping into the career path.


AT&T summer internship 2018 cohorts

Left to Right : Elizabeth Muenchow, Jasmine Kim, Kaela Polnitz, John Pham (  ), Eric Perez, Arjun Nambiar, Ritam Sarmah, and Lynda Nguyen (in spirit)

Left to Right : Elizabeth Muenchow, Jasmine Kim, Kaela Polnitz, John Pham (, Eric Perez, Arjun Nambiar, Ritam Sarmah, and Lynda Nguyen (in spirit)