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interaction design with mogo

Mogo is a dance-centric platform that allows users to improve their dance and connect with other dancers.


Human-centered Design Studio (DSGN 401-2), Northwestern University

MS Engineering Design Innovation, Winter 2018





As social media and digital platform usage have emerged through technology, it has become part of our lives and community. Dancers, whether amateur or professional, use online resources to explore and gain inspiration.  Through user interviews and observation, we identified that dancers strive for improvement of their own dance moves and also wish to connect with other dancers both online and offline.


Current Stage

Through observation and interviews, we identified the following circumstances for dancers:

  1. The current online dance learning experience is tedious. Users go through multiple platforms and features to adjust their dance videos to fit their learning environment such as looping and mirroring.

  2. The current online dance learning experience lacks relevant feedback. Dance videos upload on platforms such as Youtube receives comments irrelevant to the dance itself due to a broad range of viewers.

  3. Digital collaboration between dancers is currently dispersed across multiple platforms. Dancers use Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, GroupMe, etc, to share work and communicate with their fellow dancers and others.

  4. The current dance video sharing experience is intimidating. Some of our users expressed that they are hesitant to upload their own dance videos and are very self-conscious about it.


“I’m pretty self-conscious about sharing online, so I would rather just show people if they ask.”

-B.D, Dancer



We wanted to create a platform that could complement the learning experience for dancers and help them interact cohesively through one platform.


Introducing MOGO


Mogo is a one platform mobile app dancers can use to access curated dance content, join daily and weekly dance challenges both solo and as a group, and get relevant feedback from verified dancers.


Key Features


  • Curated Content - Videos of dance tutorials and performances can be searched through different genre of dances.


  • "Encore" Button - Support dance videos as a viewer which can motivate dancers to upload more videos.


  • Tutorial Feature - By using loop, speed, and mirror functions, dancers can easily control the video for learning purposes.


  • Challenges - Join themed dance challenges (Ex: throwback 80s, moonwalk, trio dance, etc) solo or with others as a team.


  • Feedback - Receive feedback on dance technique from experienced dancers.

Main page with curated content

Main page with curated content

Themed challenges page

Themed challenges page


Personal Contribution


User Need Interview

  • Interview studio owning dancers to understand current experience with online and offline dancing.

  • Group interview with high school dancers to understand social media usage for dance and communication method with dance contexts.



  • Paper prototype key features and functions for users to co-create the platform.

  • Use Figma to create a digital prototype for high fidelity usability testing.


User Testing

  • Test prototypes with users to validate interface functionality.

mogo wireframe.png

Next Steps

With the insights that we have identified through this project, Mogo is currently preparing their app for launch. 


Team Mogo

Left to Right : Ivan Calvachi, Joshua Kim, Jasmine Kim, Joe Burke (EDI '18)

Left to Right : Ivan Calvachi, Joshua Kim, Jasmine Kim, Joe Burke (EDI '18)